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馃挰 Add english translations for renderer

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......@@ -6,4 +6,25 @@ export const en: AppMessages = {
save: 'Save',
settings: 'Settings',
renderer: {
autoCompletion: {
connection: 'Log in to pre-fill the form',
button: 'Pre-fill the form',
edition: {
button: 'Edit the form',
fields: {
UsfText: {
errors: {
numberMax: `"{label}" must be lower or equal to {max}`,
numberMin: `"{label}" must be higher or equal to {min}`,
emailFormat: 'Please use a valid email address',
numberFormat: 'Must be a number',
textMax: `"{label}" must be {max} or less characters`,
textMin: `"{label}" must be {min} or more characters`,
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