Commit 2befc7af authored by MARCO Jonathan's avatar MARCO Jonathan
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馃毀 Add a information for the empty condition button

parent fba3443c
......@@ -23,9 +23,20 @@
<v-btn @click="onAddItem('||')" color="primary" outlined>OU</v-btn>
<v-btn @click="onAddItem('(')" color="primary" outlined>(</v-btn>
<v-btn @click="onAddItem(')')" color="primary" outlined>)</v-btn>
<v-btn @click="onEmptyConditions" color="primary" outlined>
<v-tooltip bottom>
<template v-slot:activator="{on, attrs}">
<span>{{ _uct('builder.tabs.conditional.emptyInformation') }}</span>
......@@ -54,6 +54,7 @@ export const fr: AppMessages = {
cancel: 'Annuler',
valid: 'Valider',
emptyInformation: 'Vide toutes les conditions pour ce type.',
fieldSelection: {
otherFields: 'Les autres champs',
user: 'Donn茅es de l\'utilisateur',
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