Commit 4a3a656e authored by SHARMA VAIBHAV's avatar SHARMA VAIBHAV
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import bpy
import os
D =
if not os.path.exists(bpy.path.abspath('//') + 'data'):
os.makedirs(bpy.path.abspath('//') + 'data')
for clip in D.movieclips:
for track in clip.tracking.tracks:
name = '\\tr_{0}_{1}.csv'.format('.')[0],
fn=bpy.path.abspath('//')+'data\\' + name
with open(fn, 'w') as f:
for marker in track.markers:
coords =
frameno = marker.frame
f.write('{0},{1},{2}\n'.format(frameno, coords[0]*clip.size[0], coords[1]*clip.size[1]))
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