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......@@ -33,15 +33,20 @@ To use this program, it is necessary to have installed the most recent version o
- Clone this repository
- Run `sudo make install` in `easea-compiler-app/`
- To run the application run the executable in `EASEA-compiler-app/easea-compiler-app` or run `easea-compiler-app` if the command is installed
- To run the application run `easea-compiler-app`
- To remove the generated executable use `make uninstall`
(DEV) To run the application execute `npm start`
## Next features
- Gitlab pages for documentation
## Features in development
- Multiple runs with intervals of population, generations etc...
- 1 plot by run
- Plot more than the best fitness
- Quick EASEA file editor (new tab)
- New run options (genetic programming, ...)
- More run stats (number of runs above/below a certain fitness)
## Contact
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