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Forensic training environment

Scripts and material to prepare the training environment ; includes:
- "deploy" script to deploy the training env. on several hosts
- all courses material (slides, disk images, handouts) that will be copied
- all support material (download script for SANS cheat sheets + forensics
C ampus Best Practice document) that will be copied
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for i in $urls ; do wget -N "$i" ; done
All the cheat sheets are copyrighted by SANS (see
- Hex File Headers and REgex for Forensics
- Linux Shell Survival Guide
- Netcat Cheat Sheet
- SIFT Cheat Sheet
The campus best practice document "Forensics Analysis and Incident
Handling" was written by Jean BENOIT & Aleš PADRTA, through the Geant
Campus Best Practice project
big_picture-principles.pdf - presentation with the brief introduction to the forensic analysis
alpine - Data Acquisition.ova Virtual Machine image for the hands-on
data_acquisition_hands-on.pdf hands-on outline hands-on solution (encrypted)
data_acquisition_presentation.pdf data acquisition presentation
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