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big_picture-principles.pdf - presentation with the brief introduction to the forensic analysis
alpine - Data Acquisition.ova Virtual Machine image for the hands-on
data_acquisition_hands-on.pdf hands-on outline hands-on solution (encrypted)
data_acquisition_presentation.pdf data acquisition presentation
alpine - file timeline.ova Virtual Machine image for the hands-on
file_timeline_hands-on.pdf hands-on outline hands-on solution (encrypted)
file_timeline_presentation.pdf file timeline presentation
event_timeline-principles.pdf - presentation with the introduction to the event timeline
event_timeline-hands-on-guide.pdf - the hands-on task definition and hints
sda3.dd - hard drive image for hands-on
sda3.dd.md5sum - MD5 sum of the file sda3.dd - supertimeline prepared by the lecturer (password will be revealed during the hands-on) - presentation with the lecturer's solution (password will be revealed during the hands-on)
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