Commit 55c080ca authored by Georges Gressot's avatar Georges Gressot 💬
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Suppression de lignes superflues

parent 11078a5d
......@@ -199,11 +199,7 @@ def home(request, bdd):
return tobeedited(request, bdd, lid, 'title')
#abstract :
librnbr =0
itemrecnbr =0
instrnbr =0
usernbr =len(Utilisateur.objects.using(bdd).all())
totcand =0
librnbr =len(Library.objects.using(bdd).all()) -1 #checkers are not libraries ! (one checker per project)
itemrecnbr =len(ItemRecord.objects.using(bdd).all())
instrnbr =len(Instruction.objects.using(bdd).all())
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