Commit 291964bc authored by Georges Gressot's avatar Georges Gressot 💬
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correction de deux autres occurrences du bug corrigé lors du précédent commit

parent ac1643db
# epl_version ="v2.00 (Chimnechilde)"
# date_version ="July 9, 2021"
# Mise au niveau de :
epl_version ="v2.01.5-beta (~Bathilde)"
epl_version ="v2.01.6-beta (~Bathilde)"
date_version ="October 7, 2021"
#branche = multi
......@@ -1847,11 +1847,11 @@ def modinstr(request, bdd, sid, lid, linetomodify):
Instruction.objects.using(bdd).get(sid =sid, name, line =linetomodify).delete()
if i.line <linetomodify:
i.line +=1
# i.line +=1
i.time =Now()
i.line +=2
i.line +=1
i.time =Now()
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