Commit b670b770 authored by Wenzel Jakob's avatar Wenzel Jakob
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minor adjustment to detail::is_copy_constructible (fixes #70)

parent 88d1d041
......@@ -247,7 +247,7 @@ template <typename T, size_t N> struct intrinsic_type<T[N]> { typedef type
/** \brief SFINAE helper class to check if a copy constructor is usable (in contrast to
* std::is_copy_constructible, this class also checks if the 'new' operator is accessible */
template <typename T> struct is_copy_constructible {
template <typename T2> static std::true_type test(decltype(new T2(std::declval<T2>())) *);
template <typename T2> static std::true_type test(decltype(new T2(std::declval<std::add_lvalue_reference<T2>::type>())) *);
template <typename T2> static std::false_type test(...);
static const bool value = std::is_same<std::true_type, decltype(test<T>(nullptr))>::value;
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